Tricks to Remember Official Books of the World

Tricks to Remember Official Books of the World

1.      Blue Book                   →           Report by the British Government

2.      Green Book                →           Government of Iran (Persia) and Italy

3.      Grey Book                  →           Japanese and Belgium Government

4.      Joint Paper                 →           The joint report by two or more government

5.      Orange Book             →           Government of Netherlands       

6.      White Book                →           The Official Publications of Portugal, China and Germany

7.      White Paper               →           Issued by the Government of India and UK

8.   Yellow Book               →           Issued by the Government of FranceYF (wife)

Some tricks of the Official Books are given below to Remember:

1.      Bl-Br

2.      Green—Iron—It is



5.      ON (Orange Book→ Netherlands)




8.      YF (Wife) (Yellow Book → France)

Official Books of India

(These are very easy to remember because, each question meaning connects to its answer).

1.      Economy Survey                                     →           Ministry of Finance (Government of India)

2.      Report on Currency and Finance        →           Reserve Bank of India

3.      Wholesale Price Index                         →           Ministry of Industry in India

4.    National Accounts Statistics             →           Central Statistical Organization in India.

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