List of Agricultural Revolutions in India With No.1 Tricks

List of Agricultural Revolutions in India With No.1 Tricks: In this article you can learn list of agricultural revolutions in India with No.1 memory code tricks to lean. If you read this post carefully for one hour, you can memorize easily. This tips and tricks help you save your time.

List of Agricultural Revolutions in India with No.1 Tricks

Name of Revolution

Memory Code


Memory Code

 Tricks to Remember

Black Revolution


Petroleum Production


Black Pet

Blue Revolution


Fish Production



Brown Revolution

Leather, Cocoa

Golden Fiber Revolution

Jute Production

Golden Revolution


Overall Horticulture, Honey, Fruit Production

Overall Horticulture, Honey, Fruit Production

Honey is gold in color (Not Yellow). Due to scarcity of honey, it is treated as equal as gold, also a Horticulture product.

Green Revolution


Agriculture Production


Generally, Agriculture crops are green in color

Grey Revolution


Pink Revolution

Onions, Prawn

Onions and Prawns are slight pink in color.

Red Revolution


Meat, Tomato Production

Meat, Tomato

Generally, Meat and Tomatoes are Red in color

Evergreen Revolution


Overall agriculture production growth

Overall agriculture

Evergreen for Overall agriculture

Round Revolution


Potato Production


Round Shape Potato

Silver Fiber Revolution

Silver Fiber

Cotton Production


Silver Fiber = Cotton

Silver Revolution

Egg Production

White Revolution

Dairy, Milk Production

We know that Milk is white in color

Yellow Revolution


Oil Seed Production


We know that oil is Yellow in color

Father of Agriculture Revolutions in India

1.      Blue Revolution Fish Production Dr. Arun Krishnan
2.      Brown Revolution Leather, Cocoa Hiralal Chaudari
3.      Golden Revolution Overall Horticulture,                  Nirpakh Tutej
    Honey, & Fruit Production
4.      Green Revolution Agriculture Production                   Norman Borlong
                                       M.S. Swaminathan (India), 
    William Goud (UK)
5.      Pink Revolution  Onions, Prawn Durgesh Patel
6.      Red Revolution Meat, Tomato Production           Vishal Tewari
7.      Evergreen Revolution       Overall agriculture production growth Started in 11th 5-year Plan
8.      Silver Fiber Revolution     Cotton Production Indira Gandhi
9.      Silver Revolution Egg Production Indira Gandhi
10.   White Revolution  Dairy, Milk Production Dr. Varghese Kurian
11.   Yellow Revolution Oil Seed Production Sam Pitroda

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